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Charles Haanel

Charles Haanel

Career as author and businessman

Charles F. Haanel was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the son of Hugo and Emeline (Fox) Haanel. The family moved to St. Louis, Missouri when Charles was a child. His first job was as an office boy for the National Enameling & Stamping Company in St. Louis, and he worked for this firm in varying cpacities for fifteen years before striking out on his own as a writer and businessman.

Hannel's great hit, The Master Key System, written in 1912, when he was 46 years old, is a classic course in New Thought, personal development, and abundance realization that covers everything from how to get wealthy to how to get healthy. The book was heavily promoted in the pages of Elizabeth Towne's New Thought magazine The Nautilus, and by 1933 it had sold over 200,000 copies worldwide. Haanel practiced what he preached and was a self made success who owned several major companies. He was president of the Continental Commercial Company, president of the Sacramento Valley Improvement Company, and president of the Mexico Gold & Silver Mining Company.

The original Master Key System contained 24 parts or modules of study. There were 4 other parts added later which are not as easy to locate in original form. Some of the key points of his system include the laws of a concentration, attraction, and harmonious thinking and action.

In addition to the Master Key System, Haanel wrote several other books including Mental Chemistry published in 1922, and The New Psychology published in 1924."

In 1919, Napoleon Hill wrote Haanel a letter thanking him for The Master Key System, In the letter Hill stated, My present success and the success which has followed my work as President of the Napoleon Hill Institute is due largely to the principles laid down in The Master-Key System.

Letter from Napolean Hill

During his life, Haanel earned and received many degrees, including hon. Ph.D., College National Electronic Institute; Metaphysics, Psy. D., College of Divine Metaphysics; and M.D., Universal College of Dupleix, India.

He died on November 27, 1949 at the age of 83. He was buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri USA.

His continuing influence can be gauged from the fact that he is quoted in the bestselling book The Secret, published in 2007.

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