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A Fantastic Collection Of eBooks Dedicated To The Study Of Freemasonry

freemason books

Over 150 old, rare and out of print books converted to a modern ebook format accessible to all.

This outstanding collection covers
The Full A – Z encyclopedia of Freemasonry
The origin of Freemasonry
The legends of Freemasonry
The symbols and regalia of Freemasonry
The Rights and Rituals of Freemasonry
The obligation of Freemasons
Religion and Freemasonry
12 copies of a 1915 Freemason journal


FOR ONLY $19.99

All products supplied as PDF ebooks with instant download

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A brief overview of some of the ebooks included follow

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry - Albert Mackey

encylopedia of freemasonry

This book Comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as Connected With the Institution. Mackey knew that very few men have the means, time, and the inclination for the purchase of numerous books, and for the close and attentive reading of acquire a knowledge of all matters connected with the science, the philosophy, and the history of his Order. It was this thought that suggested to him that he should collect materials for a work which under one cover might help to enlighten his Brethren. This book is so absorbing you could sit and read it from cover to cover. It also serves as a handy reference guide for any Masonic question that may arise. Highly recommended.

With 3840 Pages

This is the definitive A – Z of every Freemason

Some Deeper Aspects of Masonic Symbolism - A.E. Waite

Long out of print this is essential reading for those Freemasons interested in a more complete understanding of the Masonic degrees that make up the Craft Lodge of Masonry. Topics covered include, the meaning of initiation, the Third Degree, the Christian Mysteries, Operative Masonry, The Old Charges and a host of other topics.

The Secret Teachings of All Ages - Manly P Hall

smile big today
This massive work runs to almost 50 chapters, each so dense with information that it is the equivalent of an entire short book. Secret Teachings is an encyclopedic outline of masonic, hermetic, qabalistic and Rosicrucian symbolical philosophy.

Morals And Dogma - Albert Pike

moral and dogma
An absolute must read for all Masons or anyone looking for long lost knowledge. This 861 page volume of 'lectures' on the esoteric roots of Freemasonry, specifically the 32-degree Scottish Rite, was first published in 1872. The book is composed of 32 chapters, each discussing the philosophical symbolism of a degree of Freemasonry in exhaustive detail.

The Principles of Masonic Law - Albert G. Mackey

'A Treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages and Landmarks of Freemasonry'. One reviewer writes of this classic "This book lays bare the secrets of the worlds oldest clandestine organization. Learn about Masonry from one who knows."

The Symbolism of Freemasonry - Albert G. Mackey

sysbols of

From the original 1882 first edition, is an essential work for anyone serious about understanding Freemasonry. It illustrates and explains the science and philosophy, legends, myths and symbols of Freemasonry.

The Lost Keys of Freemasonry - Manly P. Hall

lost keys
Hall's classic work on history's most secretive brotherhood. Hall was a Mason himself and nurtured a lifelong interest in the secret fraternal order, making it the focus of one of his earliest and best-loved books, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry. In this celebrated work, he examines the ethical training required of a Freemason, and the character traits a Mason must "build" within himself.

The Templar Orders in Freemasonry - A. E. Waite

temple order
Long out of print, this is a must read for those interested in how Masonic Templarism began. Waite examines the legends of post Templar existence via such notable figures as Andrew Michael Ramsay and Baron Karl von Hund who were first to draw a connection between Crusader era orders and the Masonic Brotherhood. A classic

Illustrations of Masonry - William Preston
One of the most influential descriptions of Freemasonry ever published. Its origins lay in a 1772 lecture by Preston analyzing the symbolism and moral significance of the initiation ceremony and the first degree. He developed his vindication of Freemasonry into a powerful piece of writing which has profoundly influenced the character of Freemasonry up to the present day. He describes various Masonic ceremonies, and also provides a history of Freemasonry which remains an indispensable source for English Masonic history.

Brothers & Builders, The Basis & Spirit of Freemasonry - J. F. Newton

old book
This classic in Masonic literature presents an early history of Freemasonry and an exposition on the faith of Masonry.Newton provides answers to the most sought after questions, simply and completely.

The Cooke Manuscript

One of the oldest known Masonic documents, the Cooke Manuscript dates back to 1450. The complete text is provided here in a modern translation of the Olde English. Essential.

I hope this gives you an idea of the calibre of the ebooks I am selling.

This collection also includes

The Romance of Freemasonry - Joseph Fort Newton

The Constitutions of the Freemasons - James Anderson

History of Freemasonry - Rev Geo Oliver

A brief history of the martinist order

Famous Freemasons

The Builders
A Story & Study of Masonry - Joseph Fort Newton

Freemason Bluebook - PGM Josiah Drummond

The Hidden Gears of Freemasonry

Ancient and Modern initiation - Max Heindel

The Rosicrucian Mysteries - Max Heindel

The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception - Max Heindel

Gleanings of a Mystic - Max Heindel

Teachings of an initiate - Max Heindel

The Rosicrucians - Max Heindel

In the Pronaos of the Temple of Wisdom - Franz Hartmann

The Rosicrucians - Their Rites and Mysteries - Hargrave Jennings

The Official Monitor of the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

Fama Fraternatatis

Confessio Fraternatatis

The Chymical Wedding

Ara Frederis Theraphici

The Consideratio Brevis of Philip a Gabella

Speculum sophicum rhodostavrioticum

Bacstrom's Rosicrucian Society

The Rosie crucian Prayer to God

Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians

An anonymous treatise on the philosophers stone

Vaughan's preface to the Rosicrucian Manifesto

The Dionysian Artificers

Lewis - Rosicrucian Manual

Freemasonry and the Druids - W Winwood Reade

The Veil of Isis, or mysteries of the Druids - W Winwood Reade

Mithraism, Freemasonry, and the Ancient Mysteries - Brother H L Haywood

The Apron, The Golden Bowl, and the Silver Cord - Brother H L Haywood

The Old Charges - Brother H L Haywood

The Hiramic Legend - Manly P Hall

The History of the Knights Templar - Charles G Addison

The Regius Manuscript (Regius poem)

Andersons Constitutions

Origins of Freemasonry - Thomas Paine

What is Alchemy - A E Waite

Real History of the Rosicrucians - A E Waite

Pictorial Symbols of Alchemy - A E Waite

The Hermetic & Rosicrucian Mysteries - A E Waite

The Hermetic Museum - A E Waite

The Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of Massachusets - Charles Whitlock

The Genius of Masonry

Reading Guide to the Scottish Rite Works of Albert Pike

The Lodge and its furniture - William Harvey

The Mason's Apron - William Harvey

Freemasons from AD 1600 to the Grand Lodge Era - a sketch

A Brief History of Lodge Mother kilwinning

Working Tools - W Bro. B H Siddle

Lodge Plan of Masonic education

Items for Masonic lodge Bulletins

The Symbolism of the First Degree of Masonry

Freemasonry at the Siege of Quebec 1759 – 60

Growth and Service of the Fellowcraft Degree - N W J Hayden

The wages of an entered apprentice

An explanation of the Third degree Tracing Board - G R Oswell

The Candidates Dream

Motivating Masons

Rededicating Masonry

Part of the problem, part of the cause

My Obligations as a Freemason

Freemasons and its Landmarks

Masonic Education - Bro J A Evans

A programme for Peace in an Industrial Age

The Place of Religion in Freemasonry

The Worthies of Freemasonry, Solomon, The Founder of the Temple

Some Principles of Masonic Law

Freemasonry - Secret or Not?

Freemasonry and Social England in the 18th Century

Interest and Zeal

Three Things I Know - Joseph Fort Newton

A Universal Masonry - Conrad Hahn

Determining Recognition - Harry W Bundy

Masonry and The Rule of Law - S Garth Conran

The Mason's Mallett - William Harvey

Origin of Freemasonry - Edward T Schultz

Masonic Origin in the Mysteries - W J Collett

Freemasonry and the New Order

Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron

The Philosophy of the First Degree - Harry E Howard

Masonic Tracing Boards - Bro E A T Breed

The Compasses - Samuel Pfrimmer

Responsibilities and Opportunities of a Master

Responsibilities and Opportunities of a Lodge Secretary

Masonic Words and Phrases - W J Collett

Travelling Craftsmen - E Elliston

Citizenship and Freemasonry - George P Ellis

The Meaning of Masonic Obligations - R W Harris

Hiram Abif
The Beginnings of a Free and Accepted Masonry

The 3 step guide to Useful Living

A Short History of the Craft

The Compass - Hugh Young

The ministry of Masonry - Joseph Fort Newton

The Spirit of Masonry - Joseph Fort Newton

Emblematic Freemasonry - A E Waite

The Meaning of Masonry - Albert Pike

The Masonic Manual - Robert MacCoy

The Mason's Confession - Dundee Manuscript

Symbolism, The Hiramic Legend, and The Master's Word

A bunch of Keys
A Lecture on the Various Rituals of Freemasonry

What is Freemasonry?

The Philosophy of Masonry I - Roscoe Pond
The Philosophy of Masonry II - Roscoe Pond
The Philosophy of Masonry III - Roscoe Pond
The Philosophy of Masonry IV - Roscoe Pond
The Philosophy of Masonry V - Roscoe Pond

The Church's Debt to Freemasonry
The History of the Two Pillars

Mason's Duty and Happiness - C D Holmes

Robert Burns - Freemason - Brother Fred J Belford

The Duty of the Master in the Government of a Masonic Lodge
Confusion is upon us

The Third Degree in Freemasonry - its ornaments and emblems

King Solomons Temple and the story of the third degree - Robert Smaites

Our ritual - a study in its development - Brother J Mason Allan

Who Will Follow in our Train - Bro R C Hodsman

The Scottish Ancestry of Freemasonry
I saw a footprint in the sand - Historical Address by W Bro George L Buck

Towards the sources of freemasonry - J Mason Allan

The Ashlars and the Plumb Rule

The Worshipful Company of Masons and its connection with Freemasonry

The Pillars of Freemasonry, their origin and meaning - William Harvey

A speculative philosophy as unfolded in a search for a 4th dimension

The Builder Magazine - Jan 1915
The Builder Magazine - Feb 1915
The Builder Magazine - Mar 1915
The Builder Magazine - Apr 1915
The Builder Magazine - May 1915
The Builder Magazine - June 1915
The Builder Magazine - July 1915
The Builder Magazine - Aug 1915
The Builder Magazine - Sep 1915
The Builder Magazine - Oct 1915
The Builder Magazine - Nov 1915
The Builder Magazine - Dec 1915

Over 150 old, rare and out of print books dedicated to the study of Freemasonry

FOR ONLY $19.99

All products supplied as PDF ebooks with instant download

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