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The Logos - (pronounced Lo-Gos)

The Logos is a highly controversial novel set to become an All Time Best Seller - It goes where the Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol feared to tread

It is an electrifying blend of intrigue and action

Freemasons - Religion - Stonehenge - Archaeoastronomy - QinetiQ - Technology - Fast Cars - Murder - Mystery - Ancient History - Politics

At 590 pages long, The Logos is fast paced, intelligent, meticulously researched and "exciting as hell"

The Logos is available as a printed book or as a downloadable ebook

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Following the brutal murder of his brother along with a number of other high powered Freemasons, Adam Lamech, an expert in Archaeoastronomy is drawn into a sinister world he never knew existed. A world of Freemasons and Magi; a world of corruption and deceit; of ancient stone monuments and astronomy; a world of violence, abduction and murder.

Adam has just six days to find an ancient artefact that the Freemasons and the Church have been seeking for over two centuries. The artefact holds the key to the true story of the rise of mankind, his origins and his God.

With the assistance of Jennifer Lomas, a technology expert from QinetiQ, their search takes them from India to Jerusalem, Germany to London and finally to Bath. A city designed and built by Freemasons who encoded the final resting-place of the object in the very fabric of the City.

Can they find what they are looking for before the world they know is torn from around them? A world that has been built upon a myth created by man. A myth that some want to preserve and others want to destroy.

The object they are searching for - the Logos - is a real artefact made over three thousand years ago. Now after millennium of hiding the truth behind Freemasonry, religion and the true history of the rise of man, this book tells that thrilling and often chilling story.



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"Masons, conspiracies, The Bildeburg group, ancient astronomy, maths, fast cars, murder… It's a potent brew, and one that you dish up with considerable panache."

"The Scenes in Cologne Cathedral Rock!"

"The way you entwine all those facts with your fiction and all those myths with reality is most impressive. It becomes near impossible to fathom where the real world ends and your imagination begins, and that's seductive and fascinating"

"Dan Brown move over. Actually, I see more potential here than in the Da vinci Code. You have a thriller, with all the threads weaving in and out to create a marvelous story, a page turner with the mysterious suspicion of myths creeping into today.. I really like this. Your character development is very thorough: they're rich many-faceted. I like the Big Brother aspect too with Jenny the inventor and having a relationship with the politician. I cannot think of a single thing that isn't great."

"Your story, with the promise of glimpses into freemasonry and associated conspiracies, is indeed 'a potent brew.' There is still a powerful mystique to contemporary freemasonry, whilst its origins and its extraordinary influence across the world have been the subject both of fiction and non-fiction.
However, I think your premise is undoubtedly original and your story, through the prologue and the narrative on Barabbas to the link with Adam's nightmare, promised a new perspective in a new voice."

"The booth is empty . . . there was no way he could have got out . . . they couldn't have lost him!" Well, I guess they could. You haven't lost me, though, I'm coming back to read more of the thriller. It's got many different avenues where it can go. When you're dealing with the Freemasons and the Bildeburg Group, anything can happen and probably will."

"A very interesting and enthralling read. I love the archaelogical/astronomy connection within the story. Well woven into a really good novel of the top grade."

"Never having read The Da vinci Code because it received such a drubbing by the critics - I came to Logos without any preconceived ideas and so no comparison made! I thought the title interesting and original and that's what attracted me in the first place. Not disappointed! Logos is a good read, a book that I shall enjoy."

"Interesting content, fantastic premise and a fast-paced, delightful"

"This is an exciting and original book whose pitch outlines a great plot. Your characters are well drawn, and come vigorously to life. Jenny is a very attractive, easy to relate to, central character. Adam is an unusual person, sculptor, lecturer, ex-army. Richard, although clearly he won't be part of the future plot development, is still an interesting and individual person for the short time we know him. All these people have inter-linked relationships, which provoke our interest. Adam's dreams and his childhood background make him someone we want to read more about. Jenny is also a character whose background helps to make her real. Your settings, particularly in Bath, are beautiful and well described. Your style is clear and flowing, and your dialogue is very natural."

"A very interesting and enthralling read. I love the archaelogical/astronomy connection within the story. Well woven into a really good novel of the top grade..."

"It's a complicated premise, and a wonderfully enticing mixture you're serving up in this novel, packed with incident and freemasonry has a cachet all of its own."

"This is fabulous.....Thriller writers are under pressure to keep to pace, even when filling in backdrop....You manage that brilliantly....I found myself racing through this......"



the logos

The Logos is not just a conspiracy book. It covers a range of subjects and has an exciting storyline running through it.

It starts quite simplistically (deliberately) but as the book evolves, the reader will find it an intellectually challenging read and some may think quite complicated. In the author’s mind, it is not complicated, just complex. It builds layer upon layer - leading the reader inside a world that they live in daily but hardly every notice.

This book will make you think and you will learn from reading it. It has everything that should be in a novel. Fantastic research, fantastic story and the opportunity to learn about new subjects while you read.

Below are just some of the areas of research covered in The Logos

Modern Technology – QinetiQ
Science and Physics
Religion – where it comes from and why we have to believe
Mathematics, Geometry and Architecture
Gematria – used to unlock the Bible
The rise of ancient civilisations, their technology and their beliefs
Jesus tomb in Kashmir – Rozabal
Freemasonry - its origins and ceremonies
Bilderberg - The most powerful group of people in the world
The Nephilim – one of the greatest unknown stories in the Bible
The origins of the bible itself and of the stories within it
Stonehenge, Newgrange and other megalithic sites – How they work
Politics, politicians and the ensuing power struggles

Obviously if you are a fan of works such as Dan Browns books, The Logos will instantly appeal to you

However, even if this type of novel does not normally appeal to you, but you do like books that can genuinely expand your mind, The Logos is guaranteed to offer you an intellectually stimulating read.

The Logos is much more that just a novel - It is an allegorical tale

A story within a story

A tale within a tale

Within the Novel is a Story

A story that took years to research

A story about beliefs - Beliefs that we follow blindly

Even when we are shown that what we believe may not be true

The Jewish and Muslim people genuinely believe Jesus was a prophet

Christians genuinely believe that Jesus was the Son of God

Every documented ancient civilisation genuinely believed that the Sun - was a God

Freemasons do not discuss religion - but all have to believe

Beliefs are strange - We only believe in what we know -  or in many cases, what we don’t know

How can 2 billion Christians be right and 1.5 Billion Muslims be wrong – or vice versa

Especially when they revere the same God

The Logos is not just challenging and entertaining, it also encourages readers to ask questions. To question their own beliefs.  It may be controversial but that’s because it portrays a version of the bible and history that genuinely might have been

A version of history that is written allegorically and sometimes in plain sight in our bible and other religious texts

The Logos unpicks the very fabric of the bible, Freemasonry and the ancient civilisations that put them together

If you enjoy reading fiction or fact - The Logos will entertain and inform

The Logos is available as a printed book or as a downloadable ebook

To purchase a printed copy of The Logos, please click here

To purchase a downloadable Ebook copy of The Logos

FOR ONLY $14.99

The Logos will be supplied as PDF ebooks with instant download




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